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I'm an activist, a writer, an organizer, and a mom. I spend my days helping people turn their anger and frustration with the current state of the world into campaigns that create meaningful and lasting positive change. I write gut-punch emails and organize rallies. I run strategy sessions and lead coalitions. I love a good spreadsheet. And a good glass of wine. And the type of meal that is so good it makes you want to cry.


I've helped take down the TPP and get better mental healthcare on college campuses. I've helped girl scouts get treated the same as boy scouts and convinced Lonely Planet to stop promoting elephant rides. And since becoming a mom, I've successfully fought to make SEPTA allow open strollers on their buses and Amtrak to provide lactation facilities for pumping mothers in their stations.


I constantly think about how to raise my sons so that they will never become a Donald, Harvey, or Louis. And I strive to turn them into the type of people who will always fight injustice.

I am DC born and bred, but have happily made my home in Philadelphia, where my husband and I take advantage of the amazing food scene as often as we can get a babysitter. 

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